Bicelle B5送1,000份禮包寄到你屋企

有無人中意用Bicelle B5? 佢地個皇牌保濕gel真係好好用!

而家係佢地Facebook登記電話, 電郵, 地址 (寄禮品用), 同生日月份, 就會有禮品寄到你屋企! 不過得1,000份, 手快有手慢無呀! 內容是Bicelle全效維他命B5補濕霜輕便裝(3g)及全效維他命B5補濕精華輕便裝(3.75ml)各一份!


就算你唔係首1,000名, 都會有$150 coupon (於3月15日前親臨萬寧分店選購Bicelle全效維他命B5補濕精華$150折扣)!



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Author: PaiLa HK

We gather FREE samples giveaway links from different brands. Stay with us and get some freebies! 我們搜尋各大品牌的免費試用/抽獎優惠。我們將會為你帶來無限的免費體驗!

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