IPSA派新品clearup lotion體驗裝



立即click入下面link預約,去IPSA做返個免費IPSALYZER皮膚分析,測試角質代謝指數,搵出角質積聚嘅原因同領取新品Clearup Lotion體驗裝啦!

全新CLEARUP LOTION,針對不同角質積聚成因,2種配方溫和去除老廢角質,CLEARUP LOTION 1:清潔因油脂污垢而累積的死皮;CLEARUP LOTION 2:去除因乾燥而變硬的厚重角質,讓肌膚回復柔滑細緻透亮,仲可以提高後續護膚品吸收。


Author: PaiLa HK

We gather FREE samples giveaway links from different brands. Stay with us and get some freebies! 我們搜尋各大品牌的免費試用/抽獎優惠。我們將會為你帶來無限的免費體驗!

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