About PaiLa

有關派啦 About PaiLa HK

PaiLa HK Started as we believe trying out products before purchase is very important. A product that is good for anyone else may not suit you! We aim to find out as many free sample trials for you as possible, so you can find the most suitable set of skincare, makeup, daily necessities etc. for yourself!

We search everywhere in the internet, look at the ads, hear from friends and gather all FREE SAMPLES that are given out and SHARE THEM to you all!

If you find any offers that we don’t have, please let us know and we will share it on our page!


我們找遍天涯海角,為你搜尋免費試用,護膚品、日用品、戲飛 (下刪一萬樣),我們都不會錯過,在PaiLa HK跟大家分享!

當然, 你發現到試用體驗, 提供資料給我們, 我們也無任歡迎啊!